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Easy Installation
Repairs punctures up 6.8 mm
Prevents up to 95% of punctures
Eliminates slow air leak
Increases the life of the tire
Reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%
Increases security and reduces the risk of accidents
Reduces CO2 emissions
It’s not flammable, corrosive or toxic

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For what type of tires

STOP PINCHAZOS sealant is suitable and effective in all types of vehicles and tires, either with tube or tubeless.

STOP PINCHAZOS can be applied to bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, 4x4 vehicles, industrial vehicles such as elevator operator trucks, cranes and heavy vehicles like buses, heavy trucks and farm machinery.

Bicycles Quads Motorcycles
Car and 4x4 Heavy vehicles Industrial vehicles and machinery

Thanks to its composition based on branched fibers of different sizes, STOP PINCHAZOS becomes an edge sealant suitable for all types of vehicles and tires ability to repair punctures up to 6.8 mm, even 12-ply tires or more. This capability offers a protection that is more than double what other sealants on the market can offer.

Compatible with tires inflated with nitrogen.


Cars and 4x4



Vehículos industriales

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