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Easy Installation
Repairs punctures up 6.8 mm
Prevents up to 95% of punctures
Eliminates slow air leak
Increases the life of the tire
Reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%
Increases security and reduces the risk of accidents
Reduces CO2 emissions
It’s not flammable, corrosive or toxic

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Installing STOP PINCHAZOS in the wheels of your bike, punctures will be repaired automatically and forever. Forget about the setbacks that a puncture can produce you.

  • Increases safety and prevents accidents
  • Eliminates slow air leaks
  • Do not damage the tire or the cover
  • Increases tire life
  • Easy installation through the valve
  • Do not believe the camera accession
Prevention Protection

Effectiveness Security

Suitable for tube type tires and tubeless

Stop Pinchazos for motorcycles


  • Cut the label by the right place and remove the shell extractor and the application cannula.
  • Remove the valve core with the supplied pump and deflate the tire completely.
  • Shake the product and cut the tip of the cap of the container. Insert the cannula at the tip of the cap and connect to the tire valve. Press the container to introduce the recommended amount of liquid (see table of recommended amounts).
  • Clean the valve and reinstall the valve core with the fan supplied. Inflate the tire with the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Cars and 4x4



Vehículos industriales

CE TÜV Rheinland Pony Testing International Group
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