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Easy Installation
Repairs punctures up 6.8 mm
Prevents up to 95% of punctures
Eliminates slow air leak
Increases the life of the tire
Reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%
Increases security and reduces the risk of accidents
Reduces CO2 emissions
It’s not flammable, corrosive or toxic

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Frequent questions

What type of vehicles and machinery can use STOP PINCHAZOS?
STOP PINCHAZOS  is normally used to protect the tire against punctures and other air leaks in a wide range of vehicles and machinery.

STOP PINCHAZOS is a preventive use product which is effective for all types of tires, whether used with tube or tubeless.
STOP PINCHAZOS sealing is a last generation, suitable for all types of vehicles and tires, which works even in the working conditions and extreme weather.
STOP PINCHAZOS guarantees maximum protection and reliability. To do this, we must respect the conditions and application rate recommended on our website

What are the benefits of using STOP PINCHAZOS?
STOP PINCHAZOS prevents 95% of punctures that occur in the tread of the tire. Eliminates slow air leak, which means longer life of the tires and lower fuel consumption.

STOP PINCHAZOS offers extra safety in driving, avoiding uncomfortable and dangerous to change your tire stops in case of puncture.

Does the use of STOP PINCHAZOS affect conventional tire repairs?
NO. If the tire is damaged beyond the ability of the sealant to plug the loss of air, it can be repaired using conventional methods.
The tire repair workshop technician just needs to clean the affected area with a damp cloth. Then proceed to repair the tire with conventional techniques. No need to remove the remaining sealant, but if it has been a significant loss, it must be replaced to the recommended amount. Be careful to avoid contamination of the sealant during the repair.

Can you use STOP PINCHAZOS to repair a punctured tire?
YES. It is possible, but its primary purpose is to prevent punctures, and is therefore it’s a product for preventive use that is installed in the tire before the fault occurs.

In the case of a tire not treated with STOP PINCHAZOS is affected by a puncture is recommended to have a foot pump or a source of compressed air to re-inflate the tire to proper pressure. It’s important to know that not every puncture can be treated afterwards. In these cases, we can not guarantee the effectiveness of the product.

When installation is complete, move a few feet is recommended, so that the sealing action is effective.

Is it necessary to deflate the tire completely before applying STOP PINCHAZOS?
NO. A specially designed pump is used for injecting the sealant in the tire partially inflated.

Is the cap formed by the sealant STOP PINCHAZOS permanently?
YES. When a puncture occurs, the loss of air will be immediately blocked and the driver will not notice that has come to pass.

What is the lifetime of STOP PINCHAZOS?
STOP PINCHAZOS is effective over the life of the tire.
STOP PINCHAZOS does not react with rubber and other tire components.

Is it expensive to use STOP PINCHAZOS sealant?
NO. We are confident that our range of sealants offers the best value on the market, thanks to technology used in their manufacture and their art components. STOP PINCHAZOS will bring significant savings in tire repair and immobilization of vehicles.

Is it important to respect the recommended dosage?
YES. It is very important that the recommended amounts are injected into the tire to be treated. The dose of sealant specified in the Application Tables to ensure maximum benefit and provide protection for life and the tire.

When a puncture, do I have to stop the vehicle until the plug has hardened?
NO. In fact, the tire should be used immediately. The more the vehicle is used, the better the plug. If you remove the object causing the puncture, we recommend immediate use of the vehicle. Tire rotation is important in the sealing process because the plug is mechanically and not by a chemical reaction. The plug is formed within seconds and the puncture is sealed with almost no air loss.

Does STOP PINCHAZOS has an expiration date?
NO. These sealants have a shelf life and storage indefinitely. After injecting the product, it is recommended to cover the container to prevent the possible formation of a film. If this happens, shake well before using again.

Will the sealant STOP PINCHAZOS produce corrosion in my tires?
NO. STOP PINCHAZOS is a “water” product formulated, which prevents corrosion and oxidation of any component of the tire.
STOP PINCHAZOS meets all requirements and regulations required by those organizations responsible for ensuring the quality of goods offered for sale on the market.

Does STOP PINCHAZOS affect the steel strings in radial tire?
NO. STOP PINCHAZOS sealant provides three protection forms:
The corrosion inhibitors in the formula of the sealant protect the steel strings.
The cap formed by the sealant to keep air pressure prevents water penetration through the hole in the tire.
Maintain the recommended pressure for the tire, which prevents water seepage into the interior.

Can it cause damage to the rubber or other components of the tire and rim?

NO. No reaction between these materials and sealants.

Should we shake STOP PINCHAZOS before use?
YES. Given the wording "water" it is recommended to shake the product before use, so the components are distributed evenly.

16.- Can I remove the sealing STOP PINCHAZOS with water?

YES. All our range of sealants are washable with water and do not adhere to the heels of the tire or tires. When necessary, it can be easily remove from the tires with cold water.

Are all the sealants available the same?
NO. A large majority of the sealants available on the market, worldwide, use some type of adhesive or glue curing agents and curing, resulting in a chemical reaction to harden the sealant when it comes into contact with air.

This type of sealant has a shelf life and a limited shelf life due to these setting and hardening agents.


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