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Easy Installation
Repairs punctures up 6.8 mm
Prevents up to 95% of punctures
Eliminates slow air leak
Increases the life of the tire
Reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%
Increases security and reduces the risk of accidents
Reduces CO2 emissions
It’s not flammable, corrosive or toxic

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In what situations does it work

STOP PINCHAZOS repairs leaks up to 6.8 mm in diameter and sealed eliminating the slow loss of air between the seat or tire bead and rim, and the board of the inflation valve.

STOP PINCHAZOS sealant is able to repair up to 95% of punctures.

STOP PINCHAZOS does not repair tires with potentially dangerous structural damage such as cuts in the tread, but it will improve safety when the tire suffers a puncture, and thanks to his performance, will allow air leakage controlled, minimizing the effects of a possible blowout.


Cars and 4x4



Vehículos industriales

CE TÜV Rheinland Pony Testing International Group
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